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Has there been a breakdown of trust in your organization? Are your employees and leaders dealing with conflict in the workplace? Is your team struggling to stay motivated and on track while they do more with less?  Do some of your leaders or employees get stuck in dynamics like drama, gossip and bringing up the past? Are there workplace relationships that need to be improved or healed?
If you answered YES to any of these, Charmaine’s keynotes, seminars and motivational presentations can help improve these challenges. These can all impact individual and team RESILIENCE.

Charmaine is an expert in resilience, conflict resolution, and difficult conversations and can help your team move forward effectively after change, conflict, adversity and relationship or trust breakdowns.


Working for 10 years in the Correctional System, and another 10 years as a corporate mediator, Charmaine has helped thousands of teams and workplaces heal the corporate culture, and resolve issues and conflicts that are getting in the way of teamwork, productivity and success. Charmaine survived a near death sailboat experience which gave Charmaine a whole new reason to focus on the importance of workplace resilience.



Today’s workplaces typically do more with less, employees and leaders wear many hats, and, many leaders feel they need to be all things to all people. Sound familiar? Charmaine’s motivational presentations are CONTENT RICH, INSPIRE ACTION AND CHANGE, and, TRANSFORM WORKPLACES.
Building a resilient team is essential to:
– Hire and retain the RIGHT employees
– Strengthen your corporate brand
– Be productive
– Generate more profits and
– Have LESS stress


Here’s what Tom Brenner says about Charmaine

“As a motivational speaker, Charmaine captivated the audience with her interesting life story and belief that education and learning don’t just happen in the classroom. I highly recommend Charmaine as a motivational speaker. She is engaging, dynamic, funny,and shares valuable insights into conquering fears and living your best life.

Director of Advancement, Renison University College



Jana Erichson, HR Manager, Red Deer County said this about Charmaine’s motivational presentation at her organization:

“Charmaine Hammond delivered an enthralling presentation to our employees entitled “Kindness Changes Everything”. Her genuine friendliness, humor and “academy-worthy” stories wonderfully illustrated the ideas and philosophies behind this important message and how we can easily embrace and “pay it forward”. Charmaine is an intelligent, accomplished and polished presenter and it was a treat to attend her session.”

I should book this keynote speaker!