Keynote Speaker

Charmaine Hammond

A globally respected professional speaker has developed three Keynote themes to solve the issues that workplaces face today and are designed to Lead Change, Transform People and Build Healthy Respectful Workplaces.

“Charmaine’s “no fluff” keynote presentations are engaging, innovative, and inspire action.”


Leading Through Conflict

Now Is your organization experiencing change or transition? Conflict (and unresolved conflict) often surfaces during periods of workplace change which can complicate the change and create additional challenges to manage. Leading teams can be challenging at the best of times. Leading the conflict, change and crisis is difficult without the right tools. Leaders spend more than 60% of their time dealing with conflict and employee issues in the workplace. How a leader leads through change and conflict has significant influence on the results.

Participants will learn:

5 musts for leaders when leading a team through change, conflict and challenging times

The essential tools, skills and processes that contribute to healthy and responsive conflict resolution

How to deal with obstacles and opportunities

Strategies to engage employees to be champions for the change and conflict resolution process


Resolving Workplace Conflict

Despite how stressful it can be, conflict is a natural occurrence in workplaces. Having diverse teams, passionate staff, and a variety of professional backgrounds leads to great results but also sometimes conflict. Managers lose sleep and time over conflict, just as employees do. Yet, when conflict is well managed it can repair relationships, build new solutions to everyday problems, save time and money, create synergy and more. This seminar helps participants turn the most avoided conversations into courageous dialogues.

Participants will learn:

How to turn a confrontation into a respectful conversation

3 ways to manage drama that often surfaces with conflict

A road map for the courageous dialogue (a conflict resolution model)

5 keys to dealing with difficult people to respond with confidence, congruence and clarity



Respect in the Workplace… it’s everyone’s’ business

Respectful workplaces are safer workplaces. Respectful and resilient workplaces have less turnover, healthier team relations, and, produce results.

In this presentation, participants will learn:

3 essentials to building a respectful workplace

How to create a team charter

Proven approaches to engage employees to be champions of a safe respectful workplace

How to deal with confrontation and bullying behaviours

How to create a culture of kindness, resilience and respect .


Client Testimonial

We had Charmaine come to speak to our team about Courageous Dialogue and Conflict Resolution. Charmaine adjusted the program to meet our greatest needs. We had an interesting mix of skill sets in the room – everything from the Operations Manager to entry level production workers. Charmaine did great at ensuring the message was presented in numerous ways to ensure that employees at every level clearly received the content. Every employee who attended commented on how informational the session was and how much they gained from it.


Everyone has requested we bring Charmaine back for another workshop at some point in the future. Charmaine is a talented and confident presenter who gives a simple and easy to use model for Courageous Dialogue. This was definitely one of the most beneficial workshops I have ever attended. Our thanks to everyone at the Hammond Group!
Cindy Gervais, HR. Polycelo Ltd. Ontario Canada