Building healthy and effective teams is essential to thriving in today’s economic climate, fast paced change and for maximizing results. All teams experience challenges with specific aspects of team such as communication, trust, synergy, authenticity, relationship, accountability, process, and results. Charmaine helps teams identify what gets in the way of success, and facilitates a process for teams to move through the eight team challenges, build an engaged and learning culture, and ultimately build the team by design, instead of by default.

Charmaine is an expert team building facilitator having worked with teams in five countries from government to pharmaceutical industry, the energy and oil sands sector and everything in between. Her team building and Team Charter process works, and produces positive and long lasting change. Contact Charmaine to discuss your team’s needs and to facilitate your team’s success through thse processes:

Strategic Planning Processes
Team Charters
Team Building

What corporate clients are saying…

“Charmaine was an excellent facilitator! Her process helped our group see the forest for the trees. We went from being a group with clear conviction, but no real vision, to one with a focus, clear goals and renewed energy. We are now confident that we have the skills to meet our goals and to continually set new ones for the future. Charmaine was invaluable in helping us put this process in perspective.”