Resolving Conflict

and Building Resilience in Teams requires new innovative, respect based and proven processes that I have spent years researching, developing and implementing with organizations across North America.   As a former Corporate Mediator, I have facilitated the resolution of some of the most challenging and costly conflicts in the workplace.


Does your organization have Policies, Procedures, Training/Mentoring and Team Charters to support conflict being resolved in a respectful manner?Do your employees and leaders have the skills, mindset and tools to effectively address and resolve workplace conflict?


Most organizations have policies and procedures about how to resolve conflict at work – they usually say to talk to the person you have a conflict with and then seek leadership assistance if needed. Most policies also outline a grievance process. The challenge is that many people lack the skills, confidence and willingness to address and resolve conflict. Despite how great the policy or procedure is, if people lack these skills and attitudes, and the culture doesn’t “require” respectfully addressed conflict, it typically escalates, remains unresolved, or goes to a formal complaint process.


All of this can be avoided with proper training, Team Charters, and consulting to help organizations develop responsive systems and implementation processes. That’s one of the services organizations around the globe hire Charmaine to do. She has designed systems, training and Team Charters for municipalities, government departments, HR groups, non-profit organizations, and trade and professional associations (including the Alberta College of Social Workers).

Charmaine offers these services to businesses and organizations:
• Strategic Planning Sessions and Business Plan Development
• Customized team and leadership development and training
• Team Charter facilitation and consulting to help your team build a charter       that promotes accountability, action, and results
• Team Building Facilitation
• Customized Workplace Resilience programs


“We came away with individual action plans to help us work more effectively within our teams based on our own working styles. Not only that, but Charmaine followed up with post-workshop reminders that helped us keep the material fresh. Alberta Milk will invite Charmaine back and would recommend Charmaine’s session to any group looking to improve their team dynamics.”

Daria Taylor, CHRP, RPR, Human Resources Specialist (referencing Charmaine facilitating a customized team process)