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Charmaine Hammond helps business owners and leaders enhance their abilities to lead through change and difficult times, transform people, and build resilient productive workplaces. For more than two decades, Charmaine has worked with thousands of clients from the gas and energy sector, to government, non-profit organizations and everything in between. She has presented to thousands of audiences worldwide teaching business owners and leaders how to effectively deal with everyday challenges including building a respectful workplace, leading multi-generational teams, leading through change/challenge and conflict, and helping leaders inspire the best performance from their team to improve results.

In her first career she was a Correctional Officer, and the pursued a career in dispute resolution as a corporate mediator, facilitating resolution for some of the most complex workplace conflicts. She has a MA Conflict Analysis & Management, and has owned her business for 18 years.

Her professional background also includes being a contract negotiation specialist for the provincial government, a community development specialist for municipal government and director of several non-profit organizations. She has won several business awards and is the author of Bounce Forward: Building Inspired Resilient Teams, Building a Respectful Workplace, GPS Your Best Life (co-author), and several other books.

Surviving a near death sailboat accident taught Charmaine a lot about personal leadership and resilience. Charmaine is proud pet parent of a dog named Toby who is on a mission to make the world a kinder place, through Charmaine’s philanthropy project A Million Acts of Kindness.

As a speaker, consultant, bestselling author and radio host Charmaine has shared the stage with global leaders like Lisa Nichols, and Janet Attwood, and has been featured in books with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Ken Blanchard. Painfully shy as a child, her nursery school teacher told her mother “don’t worry Mrs. Hammond, when Charmaine has a message to share, she’ll share it with the world.” Now Charmaine shares her message globally, having spoken to more than 100,000 people around the world.

If you could have no-fluff motivation, rich content, high energy humour, stories the audience talks about years later, and a presentation that inspires people to step into action, what value would that bring to your next event? Charmaine’s presentations are full of content that attendees can implement immediately following her presentation.

Upcoming Events

Women In The Spotlight November 21, 2017 Vancouver  Canada

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers December 9-11, Ottawa Canada 2017

Rotary International Inc. Encinitis, California January 3, 2018

Rotary International Inc. Mission Valley, California January 10, 2018

HUB Inc. Toronto, Ontario Canada January 24, 2018

Westshore Womens Business Network, Victoria BC Canada January 25, 2018

SOHO (Small Office Home Office) Conference Victoria, Canada January 26, 2018

Rotary International Inc. Gateway Edmonton, Canada February 14, 2018

Rotary International Inc. Edmonton South, Edmonton Canada, February 14, 2018

Private Corporate Client Edmonton, Canada February 17, 2018

Private Corporate client Grande Prairie Canada February 28, 2018

Community Futures Grande Prairie Canada February 27, 2018

Tentative Conference Private Client Vancouver Canada March 9, 2018

Global Influence Summit, San Diego California March 14-16, 2018

Magnificent You Conference Vancouver Canada March 24, 2018

ReThink Thinking Summit Victoria Canada  April 21-22, 2018

Social Media Camp Victoria Canada, May 2-3, 2018

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Calgary Canada February 16, 2018

eWomenNetwork Houston Texas May 18, 2018


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 Recent Training, Keynotes and Convention Appearances

  • Institute of Professional Management, Edmonton and Calgary
  • Midwest ACE Conference, St. Louis MO
  • Buildex Convention, Vancouver
  • Child Care Conference
  • Capital Power MORE Program
  • People for People Conference, Edmonton
  • Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention
  • HR Reporter (webinar), global
  • PIJAC Convention, Toronto
  • Global Influence Summit, Florida
  • Toastmasters Convention, Vancouver
  • Company of Women, Hamilton
  • Fort McMurray FuseSocial Seminar Series
  • eWomenNetwork, Toronto

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