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Keynote Speech “Lessons from the Lake”


An inspiring speech about a sailboat catastrophe, that truly shows the power of resilience.

This keynote weaves a true personal near death trauma into an engaging learning experience for the audience. The Lessons From the Lake help leaders, teams and business owners discover how to bounce forward and embrace resilience.
Many teams are experiencing having to do more with less… cope with a steady stream of workplace change, and find that somewhere along the way stress increases and morale goes down. Leaders, business owners and employees are often wearing many hats and juggling multiple priorities… and at some point, someone drops the ball. Sound familiar?
Teams that are resilient bounce forward…they manage priorities, move through change and challenge, and work as a team.




“In times of change we need positive solutions to help our teams become more resilient… to Bounce Forward™ and remain focused, inspired and engaged!”  Charmaine Hammond



Charmaine Hammond helps individuals, teams, businesses, government departments, and corporations improve resilience, and inspired performance. An expert in team relations, communication, and conflict resolution, Charmaine helps identify and resolve what gets in the way of success and bouncing forward!
Resolving conflicts and building teams behind bars and in boardrooms, former Correctional Officer and Mediator, Charmaine helps you overcome the three most challenging workplace issues: conflict, communication and team relationships. She has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis & Management and has presented to more than 75, 000 people in five countries.  Twice  #1 best selling  author, the recipient of the 2012 Business Matchmaker of the Year Award, and has motion picture being made from her book, On Toby’s Terms.
Surviving a near death sailing accident and working in the Correctional System and Conflict Management field for more than 20 years, Charmaine Hammond is the Bounce Forward™ expert. Transformational international speaker, and bestselling author, Charmaine presents on three areas to solve workplace challenges: team relations, communication and conflict management. You will leave her presentations feeling energized, armed with new solutions, and ready to take action!
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Resilience Presentation

Resilience is more than simply bouncing back after change, challenge crisis and adversity. It’s a process of choosing a new course, setting the sails, and being the captain in your life (and business). After surviving a near death sailing accident, Charmaine discovered the secrets to resilience and surviving life and business challenges.

Now, more than ever, the skill and character of resilience is an essential quality for workplaces, teams and business success. Many professionals are experiencing more to do, in less time and with fewer resources and with more changes…. And the expectation of better results! The current economic situation has created challenges and change, and in some cases, uncertainty and even immobility.

Resilience is a critical skill for individuals and businesses to “Bounce Forward” during change. Additional demands and adversity require “Resilience”. Discover why Charmaine refers to this as Bouncing Forward, Charting Your Course to Resilience
As a compelling keynote address, Chamaine will weave in five key lessons from the lake through the day that almost took her life….and gave her “new life”. These key lessons can transform a life, and a business.
Bounce Forward: Charting Your Course to Resilience can also be delivered in of a dynamic workshop.

To gain more specific and practical tips, strategies and tools, an interactive workshop would provide participants the opportunity to:

  • Explore the seven essentials to the resilient business and team
  • Engage in several resilience building, stress management and lifestyle management activities
  • Complete a Resilience Action Plan
    Learn practical strategies to deal with procrastination, workplace fatigue, juggling priorities, managing time and energy
  • Explore strategies to ignite resilience both at work and in their personal lives.  Both presentations are great stand-alone speaking engagements that will truly transform your audience members, compel them to do things differently, challenge them to reach beyond their current grasp and to excel beyond everyone’s expectations.
Hammond award winner!

2012 Alumni of the year Renison College